Hillsmeade Automotive first opened in March 2008 in Cranbourne but was the result of many years planning.

The owner/operator Craig Elliott, started his apprenticeship in 1990 as a “Group Scheme Apprentice” with the VACC. During the four year apprenticeship, he worked in various workshops around Melbourne gaining an insight into the different methods used for repair work in the industry. Some of the workshops included a Subaru Dealership, Automatic Transmission Specialist, Truck Repairs, General Repairer and  Dyno Tuners.

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Craig has attended many courses in EFI and Engine Management, On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII), Electrical and electronics, Common rail diesel systems and has also had many years experience in tyre fitting, wheel balancing, and alignments.

Hillsmeade Automotive is here to provide great service and friendly advice.